Company Profile - 和大工業股份有限公司


Since Hota was founded in 1966, nearly 50 years ago, quality has always been our absolute priority and more importantly, our eternal commitment to our customers. As one of the top one thousand manufacturing firms in Taiwan, we are grateful to customers' long-term trust and recognition. It is because of this support that the entire company is able to employ wisdom, gather strength and keep our promises to customers with a firm belief in sustainable management. Marching into the future, Hota will continue to grow with a grateful heart and serve customers with concrete actions.

The key to the success of modern enterprises, in addition to the right management concepts and improvement in management efficiency, strengthening the application of information system and technological innovation are indispensable survival skills. For this reason, Hota continuously invests in training talents and R&D technology in order to offer high-quality and innovative green products to reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment and to improve the human living standard, which is in accordance with the modern concept of sustainable development under globalization.

Hota, as the leading brand in the manufacturing of precision auto transmission components, always adheres to the quality management philosophy and places great emphasis on our operational principles, professionalism, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and integrity, which is also based on the R&D spirit of going beyond the present with innovative technologies. In an increasingly competitive global market, we believe that Hota will always be your most reliable business partner.

Chairman of the board