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PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICAL IMPROVEMENT QUALITY AND VALUE ADDED Strengthen investment in precision equipments ,to provide the best products for customers.

Hota introduced the latest automated precision production equipments from advanced industrial countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Japan and the USA for manufacturing and assembly of precision transmission parts and components, including rolling machine, vertical/horizontal machining center, gear-hobbing machine, gear-shaving machine, chamfering machine, shot peening machine, automatic correction machine, precision gear grinding machine, electronic beam welding machine, automatic washer and heat treatment equipment, to achieve the management philosophy of putting quality and efficiency first.

Strengthen investment in precision equipments to provide the best products for customers.

Hota is devoted to the continual development and production of precision machines and tools, such as gear-hobbing machine, gear-shaving machine, and chamfering machine, which no other domestic companies are currently making. This made Hota a pioneer, and the machines have already been successfully sold to international large manufacturing plants in Japan, Korea and other countries. In the future, Hota will strive to actively expand to markets outside Asia, pushing Hota's technologies to the leading position in the world.