Quality Assurance - 和大工業股份有限公司

QUALITY ASSURANCE ZERO DEFECT HIGHER GOALS Systemized Quality Control ; Globalized Enterprise.

Hota has successively obtained ISO/TS 16949 quality system certification, ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, TAF 1986 national laboratory certification and others. The OHSAS 18000 safety and health management system certification is also under planning in order to comprehensively enhance and upgrade various quality control systems to lay down a good foundation for the enterprise's globalization layout.

Follow-through the 5S, TPM, TPS and QSB quality management systems.

Hota implements overall quality assurance and 5S, TPM, TPS and QSB quality management systems to achieve the goal of supreme quality and zero defect. In recent years, Hota has also been awarded "GM 2006 Global Best Supplier" and "EATON 2011 Asia Pacific Best Supplier", among other honors.

Introducing high precision equipments, ensure product quality and raising market standards.

In terms of the hardware, Hota invests heavily in introducing the most sophisticated inspection instruments, including three-dimensional CMM, roundness tester, 2.5D optical micro view, gear tester, optical contour measuring machine, magnetic particle inspection tester, spectrometer and other precision instruments to achieve customer satisfaction and quality commitment, thereby often winning customers' appreciation.