Research and Development - 和大工業股份有限公司

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT CREATIVE˙INNOVATIVE ORIGINAL Actively cultivate a strong, professional R&D team.

Strong competitiveness comes from an excellent research and development team. We know very well that only by having a strong R&D team can we create high quality and competitive new products. Therefore, Hota sets a huge budget every year, constantly trains new R&D talents and hires professional consultants to improve R&D technology and self R&D capability, making it a reliable partner of leading international manufacturers.

Continual cooperation with industry and academia to refine the latest information and skills.

Hota keeps pace with Europe and Japan in introducing world-famous high precision manufacturing and inspection equipments. It has established long-term relations with domestic and international renowned automotive and motorcycle makers to maintain a leading status in R&D in the industry. In recent years, Hota also entered into a long-term cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and National Chung Cheng University to actively develop the gear-hobbing machine which no domestic manufacturers has been able to produce yet, as well as electric transmission systems meeting future trends, consequently reinforcing both the hard and soft power of the production process.